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Nonlinear photonics
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The Nonlinear Photonics Group focuses on research and development of nonlinear photonics devices for applications such as sensing, biomedical instrumentation and industrial processing.

Nonlinear optical effects are a most versatile approach for the processing of light signals, by enabling a modification of the properties of materials and their interaction with other light signals.

Originally demanding high-power lasers and long interaction lengths, nonlinear optical effects can now be achieved with low power light sources and compact waveguides, thanks to progresses of highly nonlinear fibers and waveguides such as those developed in McGill's Nonlinear Photonics Group.

Our research in nonlinear optics includes the fabrication of nonlinear optical processing devices such as mid-infrared light sources, high-power fiber lasers, wavelength converters, optical fiber components, as well as nonlinear media that are compact and with low power consumption.